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The distribution of the total volume of-competition tests on individual athletes is based on the fundamental idea

  • to focus on sports that are exposed to a high risk of doping, and
  • to focus on athletes who compete on (inter-)national performance levels.

Considering physiological, empirical, financial and medial risk factors, all sporting disciplines are assigned to one of three risk groups (A = high risk of doping, B = average risk of doping, C = low risk of doping). For further information regarding the risk group classification, see here.

Moreover, national sports federations report all their team athletes once a year. Based on the athletes squad and the risk assessment of the sport, the athletes are divided into the different testing pools. An overview of the "reporting dates for federations" can be found in the download section under forms.

    Testing Pool Membership

    Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

    • Athletes who belong to an international Registered Testing Pool (iRTP)
    • A-squad athletes in sports with risk group A

    National Testing Pool (NTP)

    • A-squad athletes in sports with risk group B and C
    • B-squad athletes in sports with risk group A
    • All athletes in the wider circle of the team for the Olympic Games

    General Testing Pool (ATP)

    • All other national squad athletes who are not already members of the RTP or NTP

    Team Testing Pool (TTP)

    • All eligible football players of 1. and 2. Bundesliga, that are not already members of the NTP
    • All eligible hockey players of DEL, which have not been reported as a member of the RTP, NTP or ATP


    The Anti-Doping Testing Programme of NADA Germany

    Forms and Links about this topic

    • NADA is notified by the sports federation about all squad athletes to be integrated in one of the test pools. For this notification we ask the sports federation to only use the template "Test Pool notification" that can be found in the download area.
    • In case of retirement from sport, the athlete may apply for removal from the test pool. The corresponding "retirement note" with instructions can be found in the download section.
    • For more information about the test pool criteria, upgrading in and leaving the test pool can be found in the standard for whereabouts information.

    Important Documents

    Standard für Ergebnismanagement-/Disziplinarverfahren 1.1

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    Meldetermine für Spitzenverbände

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