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In-competition testing (IC)

Process of an in-competition test

In principle, in-competition tests take place after the competition. Once the competition is over the selected athletes are informed by a chaperone about the test. The chaperone will inform the athlete about his rights and duties and will hand them to the athlete for signature. The athlete must - under constant monitoring by a chaperone - immediately seek the doping control station. Controls will take place in a doping control room. The doping control station has to protect the athlete's privacy adequately and may only be used as a doping control station during the competition. The selection of athletes is determined by NADA and can either be decided by placing, by name (target control) as well as by drawing lots.


Richtlinien für Rekordkontrollen

Urine control

Centralised organisation of in-competition controls

NADA's testing department is responsible for coordinating and organising all out-of-competition tests of all national federations represented in the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). NADA is independent in the selection of competitions as well as athletes and can therefore complement out-of-competition tests by the selection of appropriate competitions. All controls can thus be organised intelligently and close meshed from the very first training session until the season highlight of an athlete.

Leitfaden für Wettkampfveranstalter

Blood control