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Participants in the Testing Process

Without the cooperation of athletes doping controls would not be feasible. When conducting tests, NADA Germany relies on the experience of external service providers. The urine and blood samples collected by NADA Germany are analysed in the two WADA-accredited German laboratories in Cologne and Kreischa. Thereby all involved parties are an indispensable part of the testing programme.

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Participants in the Testing Process


Athletes are at the core of anti-doping work. Tests are unthinkable without athlete cooperation. Athletes who belong to one of NADA Germany's four test pools can be tested by NADA Germany both in-competition and out-of-competition. German athletes who compete internationally are also tested by their international federation outside of competitions.

During in-competition testing, NADA Germany can test all competitors. This also includes foreign athletes who are competing in Germany. The following key points provide an overview of the rights and obligations of athletes during testing.

Athletes have ...

... the right to,

  • take a person of choice to the test;
  • insist on a doping control officer of the same sex for urine samples (in the case of an inspection by NADA Germany);
  • insist on modifications according to the International Standard for Testing and Investigations in the case of a mental or physical disability;
  • be shown the doping control officer's ID;
  • record criticisms and irregularities in the testing process on the doping control form

... the obligation to,

  • submit to testing upon request (note: in case of refusal WADC and NADC provide for a four-year ban and a two-year ban in the case of missing the test).
  • provide identification to the doping control officer;
  • voluntarily report medications and dietary supplements taken in the last seven days on the doping control form;
  • submit a second sample if the urine density falls below the limit values or the doping control officer orders a second sample for other reasons.

For additional legal guidance, see the Nationalen Anti-Doping Code (NADC) and the Standard für Dopingkontrollen und Ermittlungen (Standard for Testing and Investigations). You can find these in our download section.

Underage athletes are subject to special protection due to their age, therefore underage athletes have their own rights and obligations during the testing process. You can find more information on this in the fact sheet:

"Testing of underage athletes"

NADA's Testing Partners

When conducting tests, NADA Germany relies on the experience of external service providers. These include:



Professional Worldwide Controls GmbH, Gilching



International Doping Tests & Management AB, Stockholm



Sports Medical Services GmbH, Köln

The athletes to be tested are selected exclusively by NADA Germany, the sampling and the sample transport to the WADA-accredited laboratories in Cologne and Kreischa are carried out by the contractor.

Sample material

The service providers commissioned by NADA Germany use material from the companies Berlinger & Co. AG and LockCon AG, both based in Switzerland, to collect the samples.

In 2020, NADA Germany added the material from LockCon to supplement the material from Berlinger. By using sample material from both manufacturers, NADA Germany ensures that it is not dependent on one manufacturer when carrying out tests and can fall back on a second manufacturer in the event of material problems.

NADA Germany monitors all innovations in the area of sample material, checks and evaluates these continuously. Priority is given to the integrity of all processes associated with the testing process.


The urine and blood samples collected by NADA Germany are analysed in the two WADA-accredited German laboratories in Cologne and Kreischa. Both institutes are an indispensable component of the testing programme. With their research, many years of expertise and their international orientation, they provide a decisive contribution to the further development of the testing programme in Germany.

If an athlete is tested by NADA Germany abroad, the sample can be analysed in a WADA-accredited laboratory abroad.



German Sport Univeristy Cologne
Institut für Biochemie
Head: Prof. Dr. Mario Thevis
Am Sportpark Müngersdorf 6
50933 Köln




Institut für Dopinganalytik und Sportbiochemie Dresden
Head: Dr. Detlef Thieme
Dresdner Straße 12
01731 Kreischa b. Dresden