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Out-of-competition testing

Out-of-competition testing - not only in training

Out-of-competition testing includes all tests that do not take place at competitions. For example, these tests can take place at home, at practice, at university etc. 

Intelligence and unpredictability

Athletes are controlled selectively according to their sport, their squad status, as well as their performance. Particularly in times when athletes prepare for their sporting highlights, or are in the recovery phase, doping controls out-of-competition are initiated by NADA. NADA tests 365 days of the year at any time of the day (and night) at home and abroad, for example at training camps.

Testing pool and whereabouts reporting

In principle, only athletes that belong to a so-called testing pool are asked to participate in out-of-competition controls. There are four testing pools: the Registered Testing Pool (RTP), the National Testing Pool (NTP), the General Testing Pool (ATP) and the Team Testing Pool (TTP). The classification of an athlete in a testing pool is based on the risk assessment of the sport and the individual squad the athlete is in.

In order for NADA to fulfil its mission of comprehensive controls at any time and place, the athletes report the relevant information of their whereabouts periodically to NADA. These whereabouts requirements vary depending on the athlete's test pool. For more information, see the section test pools and whereabouts.

Doping control process for out-of-competition tests

Athletes in a test pool can be controlled at any time and place. This may include the training venue or the place of residence, as well as school, college or the workplace of the athlete. If an athlete has been asked by the doping control officer to participate in a test, the athlete has the right to complete their started activity. However, the athlete must ensure that they remain within the vision of the control officer until the test is concluded. Further information about the process of a control can be found in our doping control film for urine tests as well as blood tests.

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