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Doping is sanctioned by NADA Germany, the relevant disciplinary body of the sports federations or an independent sports arbitration court. The sanctions to which an athlete is subject depend on the nature of the doping violation. The decisive factor is which substance or method was detected, whether the substance entered the body knowingly or unknowingly, and whether it was taken to enhance performance.


NADA Germany is in contact with the North Rhine-Westphalia State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (LDI NRW), who is responsible for the foundation, regarding the lawful publication practice of sanction decisions from doping proceedings. According to the preliminary assessment of the LDI NRW, the publication of personal information and non-anonymous decisions from result management/disciplinary proceedings on the Internet in the manner previously carried out by NADA Germany is not permitted. According to the LDI NRW, there is no valid legal basis for this type of publication. The comprehensive review process of the LDI NRW has not yet been completed.

Until the final clarification, you will find information on sanction decisions in NADA Germany's annual report. In addition, NADA Germany will continue to publish its own press releases with facts about facts that are already public knowledge and individual cases of public relevance.

The responsible bodies with a legitimate interest in the sanctions decisions such as WADA and the responsible national and international sports associations will continue to be informed promptly and comprehensively about the results of sanction decisions in accordance with the WADC.

What is the procedure in the event of a possible violation?

A sanction is preceded by an extensive result management and disciplinary procedure. We will inform you about this on the following pages.

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Results management/disciplinary procedure
Result Management

Result Management

If there is a suspicion that an athlete has violated anti-doping regulations, NADA Germany carries out the so-called results management procedure: The facts of the case are investigated and legally evaluated. The procedure is governed by the new standard for results management/disciplinary proceedings (SfED), which has been in effect since January 1, 2021.

Disziplinary Proceedings

Disziplinary Proceedings

If, after conducting the results management process, NADA or the national sports federation responsible for the results management/disciplinary proceedings concludes that an anti-doping rule violation by the athlete or other person cannot be ruled out, they will act to initiate disciplinary proceedings with the responsible disciplinary body.

Sports Jurisdiction

Sports Jurisdiction

Sports jurisdiction comprises three procedural paths. We explain these to you on the sports jurisdiction page.

Sanctioned athlete support personnel

WADA publishes a global list of athlete support personnel who are currently suspended from working with athletes or anyone else under the World Anti-Doping Code. The corresponding list can be found on the WADA homepage: www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/the-code/prohibited-association-list