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Preventive measures and offers are elementary for the overriding goal of clean performance by athletes. Based on the requirements of the international regulations of the World Anti-Doping Code (WADC) and the supplementary International Standard for Education (ISE), NADA Germany has set up a network for doping education with TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING.

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Michael Behr

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The network for clean sport

The sustainable network approach enables athletes to be accompanied by TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING (in German GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING, GGD) in the course of their sporting careers, sensitises athlete’s environment in regards to clean sport, and enables federations and clubs in organised sport to have doping prevention firmly anchored in their own institution and communication. Sensitisation, information, imparting values ​​and education are the main concerns of NADA Germany's education department.

The objective of TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING is to reach young athletes as the primary target group at an early stage. In accordance with the requirements of the ISE, the first contact in anti-doping work can be ensured through preventive measures. The activities of NADA Germany's education are therefore geared towards shaping the future’s competitive sport through today's work with the target groups. TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING therefore also means “Together for the sport of tomorrow”.

Structural and behavioral education

In the TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING network, approaches to structural and behavioral education are brought together. Structure (institutions and people) and content (measures and offers) are in constant interaction. The goal of the network includes developing the skills of both institutions and individuals and increasing the quality of the offers and measures. Ultimately, ideas are continuously developed, implemented and disseminated within the sports structure in the network.

The TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING network sees itself as a community of values. Openness, competency, authenticity, activity and closeness form the basis of the joint network. NADA Germany's education department fulfills its task as a coordinator by maintaining and further developing the communication channels, regulating access to the network and providing content-related impulses to the network. As a service provider, NADA Germany is also available to advise all those involved in organized sport. Thereby, NADA Germany's education combines structural and behavioral approaches within the TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING network and thus makes a sustainable contribution to clean high performance and competitive sports in Germany.

Measures and offers

With the help of various measures and offers, young athletes in particular, but also trainers, parents, anti-doping representatives, teachers and supervisors are made aware of the anti-doping issue, informed and protected against the dangers of performance manipulation. Relevant information on anti-doping issues is bundled and made available to target groups on a homepage specially designed for education work. The core of the preventive offers from TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING are e-learning, workshop events and the information booth. Additional elements such as the brochures, teaching materials and helpful tools for everyday sporting activities for everyone involved round off the diverse range of NADA Germany's education.


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Video: Impressions of the workshops and lectures

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Impressions of the workshops and lectures


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Network event, 2020