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Sponsoring and Partners

For fair and clean sport - in its anti-doping work, NADA Germany needs the support of its partners.

NADA Germany's partners include the federal government, the states, the sport sector with the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), the member associations and Sporthilfe, as well as the business community.

Do you want to support anti-doping work in Germany to protect young athletes? Then get in touch with us.

Partners in politics

Initially, NADA Germany was financed by a stakeholder model, consisting of the sport system, business, and the federal government. In 2019, the transition to institutional funding by the federal government was made. Since January 2020, NADA Germany is institutionally funded and receives a large part of its budget from the federal government. Further funds are provided by the federal states.Furthermore, NADA Germany is supported by the city of Bonn in the matter of accommodation. Further details can be found in the respective annual reports.

Funding from the EU

NADA Germany receives funding from the EU as a project partner when participating in research projects, including ERASMUS+ projects.

NADA Germany receives funding for the digitalization of anti-doping work in Germany from the European Union's REACT-EU programme via the NRW state government.

Partners in business

Cooperations that are based on content are effective and sustainable. This strategy is the basis for all initiated or extended partnerships.

As a NADA Germany partner you support the anti-doping work sustainably. Financial commitments make it possible to implement anti-doping projects in Germany. Become a partner with your business! This is your commitment to anti-doping work, transparent success and honest results. Together for clean performance.

Kivanta and NADA Germany

Kivanta and NADA for clean sport

NADA Germany has partnered with Kivanta, the manufacturer from Weilburg for non-toxic food storage. Together, Kivanta and NADA Germany have produced two limited edition BPA-free water bottles made from stainless steel. Every sold water bottle contributes toward NADA Germany anti-doping work. The partnership is based on the leitmotif to stand together for clean sport and a healthy lifestyle. Sustainability, in terms of effort for clean athletes, as well as on the product level, connect NADA Germany and Kivanta. With the two water bottles, NADA Germany and Kivanta are making the guiding principle FOR CLEAN PERFORMANCE accessible to a wider audience.

You can find the water bottles here: 

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Partner in sport

Sport is an important part of our social life. Around 40 million active athletes in Germany and record ratings for TV broadcasting indicate the importance of sport. Elite sport has a role model function. Many people look up to stars in football, athletics, winter sports or swimming. Sport provides fundamental values that are relevant to the functioning of our entire modern society: tolerance, fairness, performance, team spirit - but only clean sport symbolises these values. Doping destroys this principle and damages sport.