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The foundation National Anti Doping Agency of Germany

National and International Involvement

A regular exchange of experts in the national and international context offers the greatest efficiency for all actors in anti-doping work. In this regard, the networking of those responsible for anti-doping work at the international level is also indispensable.
How NADA Germany is embedded in the national sports context and in which areas it cooperates internationally can be found on this page.

National Cooperation

NADA Germany maintains an exchange with the funding Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community as well as the Sports Committee of the German Bundestag. As a competence centre for anti-doping work in Germany, NADA Germany is responsible for the implementation of the anti-doping testing programme as well as the preventive measures of the top sports associations organised in the German Olympic Sports Confederation (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund, DOSB). Nationally, it promotes the exchange between state investigative authorities, such as customs, the Federal Criminal Police Office, the state criminal police offices, individual police stations as well as (focal) public prosecutors' offices and courts. It also works closely with the two WADA-accredited German laboratories in Cologne and Kreischa as well as other research institutions, universities and organisations.

International cooperation

The interconnection of those responsible for anti-doping work at the international level is indispensable. The regular exchange of experts in an international context offers the greatest efficiency for all involved in anti-doping work. The fields of doping control system, punishment of rule violations, education, medicine and pharmacology as well as the active (co-)design of the international regulatory framework (World Anti-Doping Code and Technical Documents) benefit greatly from international cooperation.

National Anti-Doping Organisations

The cooperation with other National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) worldwide not only advances the work in the above-mentioned areas and is a decisive part of the competence development and educational work of NADA Germany, but is also an urgent necessity for more equal opportunities for German athletes. Equal opportunities means that all athletes worldwide are subject to the same set of rules, a uniform control system and appropriate sanctions. This can only be achieved with appropriate structures in an international context.

International cooperation includes active contribution to international valid regulations, standards, guidelines at EU level within the framework of the Monitoring Group of the Council of Europe and participation in WADA committees to create a basic structure for clean sport.

Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations

The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations(INADO) currently represents the interests of now 70 national anti-doping organisations worldwide vis-à-vis WADA and is an important partner for NADA Germany. NADA Germany is actively engaging with INADO’s experts at events, webinars and on the supervisory board. Furthermore, NADA Germany meets regularly with various national anti-doping organisations for an exchange and takes part in numerous international anti-doping conferences worldwide.

Guests of NADA Germany and NADA Germany abroad (selection)

Visit of ABCD in Bonn, 2021Enlarge Image
Visit of ABCD in Bonn, 2021
Visit of ASADA in Bonn, 2020Enlarge Image
Visit of ASADA in Bonn, 2020
Visit of WADA Europe in Bonn, 2019Enlarge Image
Visit of WADA Europe in Bonn, 2019
NADO Leader Summit Oslo, 2019Enlarge Image
NADO Leader Summit Oslo, 2019
NADO Leader Summit Paris, 2018Enlarge Image
NADO Leader Summit Paris, 2018
Map: NADA Germany in the world, 2018Enlarge Image
Map: NADA Germany in the world, 2018