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The Whistleblower Protection Act of Germany (HinSchG) implements the EU Directive, the so-called "Whistleblower Directive". The aim of the legislation is to provide more comprehensive protection for whistleblowers in their professional environment in future. "Whistleblowers" are persons who have obtained information about certain violations in connection with their professional activity or in the run-up to a professional activity and wish to report/disclose them.

NADA Germany has set up an internal whistleblowing office for this purpose. Employees in permanent employment, as well as mini-jobbers, temporary workers and freelancers, as well as persons who are in any other contractual relationship with NADA Germany, can submit reports or information about violations of rules or laws here.

A report can be made by post, by telephone, by e-mail, in person or via the anonymous whistleblower system ("SPRICH'S AN"). If a report is made by post, it is essential to ensure that the address is marked "confidential, report in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act". A personal appointment at a "neutral" location outside NADA's offices can also be arranged.

The report will be processed in accordance with all requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

A deliberately or grossly negligent false or otherwise abusive report does not enjoy any legal protection and can lead to negative consequences, such as, in particular, measures under employment law or compensation for damages. The person making the report is obliged to check the accuracy of their report themselves!

Incoming legitimate reports are received internally by expressly authorized and specially trained employees of NADA Germany and are always treated confidentially. The Executive Board is only involved in cases specifically regulated by the HinSchG. However, there may be disclosure obligations towards external bodies and, in particular, investigating authorities (e.g. public prosecutor's office, courts). Pay particular attention to this in the case of potentially criminal violations!

Procedure of the Internal Whistleblowing Office

We explain the process of reporting to the internal reporting office here:

To the process

It is also possible to submit a report to the Federal External Whistleblower Office at the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ).

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