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Important information on ADAMS

  • Please follow the security precautions to secure your password and assign a new password after resetting.
  • If you have any queries, you can contact the Helpdesk at adams@wada-ama.org or call +1 514 904 8800.

ADAMS (access: https://adams.wada-ama.org/adams/) is WADA's global information system (Anti-Doping Administration and Management System), which NADA uses as well. All athletes in the Registered Testing Pools (RTPs) and the National Testing Pool (NTP) are linked up to ADAMS, so that all whereabouts information is filed exclusively through ADAMS.

In exceptional cases, in which athletes, or a third party, are briefly without internet access, whereabouts information can be updated over the phone or by SMS. You will find the user manual, the declaration of consent, information on how to send a notice of departure by SMS, plus FAQs as well, here or under Downloads.

Emergency cancellations

In exceptional cases where athletes do not have access to the internet at short notice, updates to the whereabouts information can be made by telephone to NADA or by SMS via ADAMS. The user manual, declaration of consent, information for the SMS logout and FAQs can be found here or in the Downloads section.

Manuals and updates

The manual for the use of ADAMS is stored in the system. ADAMS is regularly updated by WADA. All information on the current updates can be found at the following link: http://www.wada-ama.org/en/ADAMS/ADAMS-Updates/.

In the course of securing athletes' data, WADA has built so-called security questions into ADAMS. An informative translation on how to set up the security questions as well as some general information on password assignment can be found here [link to ADAMS website].

Two-factor authentication for ADAMS

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has introduced two-factor authentication for ADAMS to increase data security.  WADA has created a user guide for athletes that explains the main steps for initial setup.



How to use ADAMS?
ADAMS pro - Instructions for advanced users

Information on WADA's app

  • The app 'Athlete Central' was developed by WADA and released on November 28th 2019. NADA is also a user of the app.
  • Any problems with the Athlete Central app that NADA receives from athletes, NADA communicates to WADA so that the system can be improved.
  • The ADAMS app (not the ADAMS system) was switched off on 15 April 2020. Athletes who do not exclusively use the ADAMS desktop version should download the Athlete Central app.
  • The Athlete Central app is a WADA application. For questions and in case of problems, WADA has set up a helpdesk: athletecentral@wada-ama.org or call +1 514 904 8800.
  • In the event of any login problems, athletes can use the alternative contact options (SMS, e-mail, answering machine).
  • In the event of open questions or problems, users can also contact NADA's Doping Control System Department directly by e-mail (dks[at]nada.de). NADA passes on all comments to WADA.
  • NADA has summarised frequently asked questions about Athlete Central in its own FAQs. These can be found below.

More Information

Info sheet on whereabouts and accessibility (in German)

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Info sheet for RTP athletes (in German)

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Standard for whereabouts (in German)

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Emergency logout via SMS (in German)

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