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ADAMS (access: https://adams.wada-ama.org/adams/) is WADA's global information system (Anti-Doping Administration and Management System), which NADA uses as well. All athletes in the Registered Testing Pools (RTPs) and the National Testing Pool (NTP) are linked up to ADAMS, so that all whereabouts information is filed exclusively through ADAMS.

In exceptional cases, in which athletes, or a third party, are briefly without internet access, whereabouts information can be updated over the phone or by SMS. You will find the user manual, the declaration of consent, information on how to send a notice of departure by SMS, plus FAQs as well, here or under Downloads.

Tutorials to explain ADAMS step by step

Here you will find 14 helpful ADAMS tutorials. To open the tutorial, click on the link under the respective headline.

Note: ADAMS has been updated in the meantime. You will find relevant changes beneath the link. Please also note that the tutorials are in German. 


How to use ADAMS?
ADAMS pro - Instructions for advanced users

More Information

Note for two-factor-authetification for ADAMS

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Infoblatt zu Aufenthaltsort und Erreichbarkeit

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Infoblatt für RTP-Athleten

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Standard für Meldepflichten

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Notfall-Abmeldung per SMS

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