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Declaration of accessibility

For all NADA websites and mobile applications.

Accessibility means access for all

Accessible internet means that a website is readable and usable for every user. Both from a technical point of view (browser, operating system, terminal device) and in terms of content (comprehensibility, user-friendliness). To enable all people to access information, guidelines for barrier-free Internet have been developed.

In Germany, this is regulated by the Act on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz, BGG) with the corresponding Ordinance on the Creation of Barrier-Free Information Technology (Barrierefreier Informationstechnik, BITV 2.0): "The aim of this Act is to eliminate and prevent discrimination against persons with disabilities and to ensure the equal participation of persons with disabilities in life in society and to enable them to lead a self-determined life."

The National Anti Doping Agency of Germany (NADA) sees its responsibility above all towards athletes who are registered as Paralympic or Deaflympic athletes as part of their disability. Therefore, digital information for blind athletes is just as essential as information in sign language for deaf athletes.

On this page you will find information for deaf and hearing impaired people in German Sign Language (DGS): https://www.nada.de/gebaerdensprache 

Here you will find information in plain language. Everyone can understand texts in plain language better: https://www.nada.de/en/information-in-plain-language 

Digital integration

NADA Germany strives to make its websites and mobile applications accessible without barriers in accordance with the requirements of the Disability Equality Act (BGG), explicitly the Ordinance on the Creation of Barrier-free Information Technology in accordance with the Disability Equality Act (Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung - BITV 2.0) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

In order not to stand in the way of the integration of all people promoted by sport, NADA Germany has started to design its websites in such a way that they can be used by all people. Implementation has not yet been completed and is being pursued on an ongoing basis.

The following accessibility statement applies to all NADA websites and mobile applications listed below:

Status of compatibility with the requirements

NADA Germany's main pages

NADA Germany has begun the implementation of an accessible website, but has not yet completed this on all of its websites to date. NADA Germany is continuously monitoring the further implementation.

The following websites are therefore partially compatible with the requirements of the regulations listed above:

Non-accessible or limited accessibility content

NADA Germany is aware that the current practice of adding subtitles for the deaf is not sufficient. Subtitles do not replace sign language, because not everyone who speaks sign language can read at the same level. Written language is a foreign language for the deaf. The reproduction of acoustic information in written language, such as with subtitles, is suitable for people who are competent in written language - this includes the hard of hearing and only a part of the deaf. 

Due to the present corporate design, some concessions have to be made in terms of colour contrasts. The texts and graphics on the main pages of NADA offer colour contrasts in order to be recognisable and readable even with impaired vision, but these are currently not completely sufficient in strength for all visual impairments.

There are deficits in the areas of headline hierarchies, colour contrasts and valid HTML. These will be remedied gradually. Some PDF documents/downloads created by external as well as internal bodies and available online on NADA's websites are not yet accessible, but are to be gradually replaced by accessible versions in the future.

Not all images contain the correct alternative texts. Provided that NADA takes note of this within the processing of texts and images, the alternative texts will be subsequently adapted.

Other NADA websites and mobile applications

The following website will not be accessible due to the reproduction of cultural heritage collections and their associated authenticity and legal situation:

Valuation method


According to the above requirements, certification of NADA websites and mobile applications is required once a year.

For a barrier-free internet: BITV test

The BITV test is a reliable and comprehensive test of the accessibility of information-oriented websites. With a result of 96 out of 100 points, NADA's website gemeinsam-gegen-doping.de is described as "very accessible".

Click here for the BITV test of the website www.gemeinsam-gegen-doping.de, third-party test report from 2017.


According to the specifications described above, an annual self-assessment of websites and mobile applications is also possible. Self-assessment is one of three variants of the BITV test. It cannot be equated with the independent test by a BIK advisory body. In 2023, NADA Germany carried out the self-assessment for its sites www.nada.dewww.gemeinsam-gegen-doping.de and www.alles-geben-nichts-nehmen.de.

NADA Germany is currently revising the website and working on improving accessibility. After the adjustments have been completed, the website will be subjected to a test. As soon as the test results are available, they will be published here.

Feedback and contact details

In order to report existing barriers and deficiencies and to improve NADA Germany's website and mobile offerings, NADA Germany offers the following contact options

National Anti Doping Agency of Germany
Heussallee 38
D-53113 Bonn
E-Mail: info[at]nada.de 
Telefon: +49 228 812 92-0
Contact form

The office responsible for implementing accessibility is NADA's Communications and Marketing department for the following websites and applications and is available as a contact person:

Furthermore, NADA's Prevention Department is responsible for the following websites and applications and is available as a contact person:

Enforcement proceedings

For disputes and unsatisfactory answers in the context of the barrier-free implementation of websites and mobile applications of NADA, a conciliation body for the out-of-court settlement of disputes has been set up by the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities.

The conciliation board can be reached at the following contact details:

Arbitration Service pursuant to Section 16 of the German Act on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
at the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities
Mauerstraße 53
D-10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 30 18 527-2805
Fax: +49 (0) 30 18 527-2901
Email: info[at]schlichtungsstelle-bgg.de
Internet: www.schlichtungsstelle-bgg.de 

The accessibility statement was created on 5 September 2020. Revised on 27 December 2023.