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Are you an athlete who has fallen ill and do not know exactly which medication you can safely take or whether you may need a therapeutic use exemption? Or you are the attending physician of a competitive athlete and have a question about the correct treatment in relation to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List? Perhaps you as a pharmacist are approached by sick athletes and asked for competent advice in case of illness?

On the following pages, we will give you helpful hints and explanations about banned substances and methods, and explain when a Therapeutic Use Exemption is necessary and what the application process looks like.

Contact Medicine

Contact Person
Dr. rer. nat. Anja Scheiff

Telephone medical inquiries
Mon - Fri 9:00-11:00 am
Mon - Thurs 14:30-16:00 pm

+49 (0) 228 812 92 - 132 Telephone number +49 (0) 228 812 92 - 239 Fax number medizin[at]nada.de Email address

Drug database

In order to be able to check quickly and easily whether a drug is permitted or prohibited, we offer you an overview of around 3,000 drugs and active ingredients that are most frequently requested from us in the drug database NADAmed.

To NADAmed

Sample List of Permitted Pharmaceuticals

In the sample list of permitted pharmaceuticals you will find an overview of permitted drugs and medical devices sorted by complaints and symptoms.

To the digital sample list of permitted pharamceuticals

Current medical advice

Current medical advice

Are you currently suffering from hay fever or bronchial asthma? Do you want to donate blood plasma? Are you taking nutritional supplements? Here we provide you with important information and answers to these and other questions.

When falling ill

When falling ill

Many drugs contain doping-relevant substances - even if you don't suspect it. Here you can find all information on how to check your medication and what to do if you have to use prohibited substances for medical reasons.

Doping traps

Doping traps

Doping traps also lurk in everyday life. Information on dietary supplements, herbal medicines and homeopathics as well as further tips on doping traps can be found here.