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Introduction of NADA Germany

Here you can find information about NADA's tasks

NADA is the short word for Germany's National Anti Doping Agency. 

Dr. Andrea Gotzmann and Dr. Lars Mortsiefer manage NADA. NADA is in Bonn and has 40 employees. 

NADA takes care of anti-doping work in German professional sport.

Dr Andrea Gotzmann, NADA's Chairperson.
Dr Lars Mortsiefer, NADA's board member and chief legal advisor.

Doping tests

One of NADA's tasks are doping tests

NADA Germany tests athletes with urinetests and blood tests

Athletes can be tested during training or during a competition. 

There are rules on how to test athletes. The rule book is called the World Anti-Doping Code. Doping tests rules are called the International Standard for Testing and Investigations

Also horses in sports are tested by NADA Germany since 2012.


Prevention is a very important task for NADA. 

Prevention protects athletes from Doping

Prevention teaches athletes that they should not use doping. 

NADA has a prevention program. The program is called TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING. This program helps athletes, coaches, parents, and teachers say "no" to doping.

Help with medical enquiries

NADA also helps athletes with their medical enquiries.

When athletes are sick, sometimes they don't know which medicine they are allowed to take. 

NADA helps athletes find the right medication or treatment. If the athlete wants to apply for a medication, NADA helps.

Legal matters

NADA also takes care of legal matters

There are sets of rules, the International Anti-Doping Regulation and the National Anti-Doping Code. The regulations say what happens when an athlete dopes.
NADA makes sure that the rules are followed in Germany.

If an athlete is caught doping, NADA makes sure that the athlete is punished. The police can help NADA with this.

NADA has its office building in the city of Bonn, in North Rhine-Westphalia.