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Here we explain how the website works.

Welcome to the National Anti Doping Agency Germany Website. 

NADA is the abbreviation for National Anti Doping Agency Germany. 

We explain which information you can find on our website. 
And we show you where you can find the information. 

There are pictures to help you. The pictures have red boxes
Inside of the red box is the area that is being explained to you.

NADA Germany websiteEnlarge Image
NADA Germany website

This is the homepage of NADA Germany's website.


The NADA homepage with highlighted iconEnlarge Image
The NADA homepage with highlighted icon

Every website has a logo. A logo is an icon
On the left side you can find the NADA logo. 
You can recognise the NADA website by the logo. 

If you click on the logo, you will return to the homepage. 
No matter which page you are on. 

Search box

The start page of the NADA homepage with highlighted search box.Enlarge Image
The start page of the NADA homepage with highlighted search box

To the right side of the logo you can find the search box
If you are searching for information, you can left click in the search box "please enter search word" and type a word. 
Now you can click on the magnifying glass symbol. 
Then a new page opens and you get a list with the results to your search. 

Menu bar

Menu barEnlarge Image
Menu bar

In the selection bar you can quickly get information. There are different areas.

  • Contact
  • Donate
  • Plain language
  • Sign language
  • Language selection in German and English

These areas are linked with other pages. 
If you move the mouse pointer over one of the areas, the colour darkens.
A left-click will take you to the selected page. 

What information can you find in the main areas?

The homepage of the NADA homepage with highlighted main areas.Enlarge Image
The homepage of the NADA homepage with highlighted main areas.

There are 7 main areas on the NADA website. 

  • Home
  • NADA
  • Legal Matters
  • Medicine
  • Testing
  • Education
  • Service

If you move your mouse on a main area, a drop down box opens. 
In the box you can see the different topics of the main area. 

If you click on the Home main area, you will always return to the homepage. 
No matter which page you are on. 

Main area: NADA

In the main area NADA there is information about NADA. For example: 

  • You get information about NADA.
  • You can read which departments NADA has.
  • You can learn about the goals and tasks of NADA.
  • You can find out which partners NADA has.
  • And much more.

Main area: Legal Matters

The main area Legal Matters has a lot of information about anti-doping regulations and what happens when an athlete is caught doping. 

Main area: Medicine

In the main area medicine athletes can find information about allowed and banned substances and methods
Sick athletes can get help here.  

NADAmed is the database for medicine.  
You can find this database in the the main area Medicine. 
Athletes and doctors can get a lot of information quick there. They can check if a substance is allowed or banned. 

Main area: Testing

In this main area there is information about doping tests
There is information to out-of-competition testing and in-competition testing
You can find out who is at a doping test. 
You can also learn how a doping test works with sport horses.

Main area: Education

In this main area you can find information about doping education

NADA has a education programme. The programme is called TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING.
The offer is supposed to help athletes, coaches, parents, and teachers say "no" to doping.

Main area: Service

In the main area Service you can look at documents and brochures. You can also download them. 
In the Videos section you can watch videos about anti-doping. 

The Knowledge Center explains anti-doping words.