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Eine Person sitzt an einem Laptop und schaut sich die neue Website von GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING an.

TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING: Online Offering Revised


The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA Germany) is expanding its information offerings in the field of doping education. The online offering of the education program TOGETHER AGAINS DOPING has been revised and expanded.

The main goal of the relaunch of the education website is to provide the core target group of young athletes with an attractive, interactive, creative, and easily accessible online offering as part of their initial contact with NADA Germany for awareness and education. The new structure of the website includes an information-oriented section "What is Doping?", the description of NADA Germany education "Services," addressing and role reflection of the "Target Groups" and the presentation of the steadily growing "Network" of doping education. With the target group-oriented design of the education presence, NADA Germany simultaneously meets the requirements of the International Standard for Education (ISE).

With the education program TOGETHER AGAINS DOPING, NADA Germany supports athletes and their sporting environment in their commitment to clean performance. Education work is an integral part of effective anti-doping efforts. Through various measures, especially young athletes, but also coaches, parents, anti-doping officers, teachers, and supervisors are sensitized to the anti-doping issue to protect athletes from the dangers of performance manipulation.

One of these measures is the online offering of the education program, which you can access at www.gemeinsam-gegen-doping.de.