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SMS cancellation: New number for emergency cancellations in ADAMS


In exceptional cases where athletes do not have access to the internet at short notice, updates to whereabouts information can be made by telephone to NADA Germany or by SMS via ADAMS (Anti-Doping Administration and Management System).

NADA Germany informs that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has changed the mobile phone number for emergency cancellation via SMS. This is a mobile number of WADA in Canada.

The new mobile number is +1 819 272 4278 or 001 819 272 4278

Athletes in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and the National Testing Pool (NTP) who use ADAMS must use the above number in future for emergency cancellation. 

After successful receipt of the SMS, the athlete will receive an SMS as confirmation of receipt. If such a confirmation is not received, the athlete should take action again and use an alternative cancelation option (by e-mail to dks[at]nada.de or by telephone on +49 (0) 228 812 92 0, in this case leaving a message on the voicemail outside office hours), as a cancellation is not guaranteed.

As soon as the SMS has been successfully processed, a text attachment is added to the calendar at ADAMS. This attachment contains the text of the SMS. The attachment is added to the current day. 

Emergency cancellation by SMS is only for a cancellation at short notice per day, not for two days or longer. The SMS cancellation is not a substitute for data maintenance in ADAMS! It can only serve as a possibility to quickly report a change of the actually stored whereabouts by SMS in exceptional situations without Internet access. If a change persists for a longer period of time and cannot be made regularly in ADAMS, a new SMS must be sent for each additional day.

We have compiled an overview of the emergency cancellation by SMS in a fact sheet (in German only): https://www.nada.de/en/testing/adams#c11950