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NADA Prevention Program

Prevention is a vital constituent for an effective anti-doping work. Information and sustainable education are the main concerns of NADA's prevention.

For this purpose,the national program TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING was launched, with which athletes, as well as their sporting environment, are supported in their commitment for clean performance.

Through various measures, young athletes, as well as trainers, parents, anti-doping officers, teachers and advisors, are sensitized for the anti-doping issue and protected from the dangers of performance manipulation.


NADA's prevention program: TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING

Contact Prevention

Contact person
Thomas Berghoff

Telephone Number
+49 (228) 812 92 - 153
Fax Number
+49 (228) 812 92 - 269
Email Address

Prevention projects

All relevant informations on the anti-doping topic are be bundled and made available according to the specific target group on a specially prepared platform for the prevention work. TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING is assembled of various project components. As a central constituent, the TOGETHER AGAINTS DOPING e-Learning, training events and the information stand are the core of the prevention activities.

Additional project components complement the main constituents mentioned above. These include, among others, the brochure rack, teaching materials, as well as many helpful tools for the sporting everyday life of all participants.

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