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The National Anti Doping Agency of Germany, NADA, a civil law foundation by form, is the key body for clean sports in Germany. NADA was founded in July 2002 and introduced with a festive ceremony in the city of Bonn’s historic town hall Altes Rathaus.  On November 21st of the same year, NADA was officially recognised and approved by the relevant supervisory authority for foundations. Ever since, NADA has been striving to realise its foundationational goals and stands for fairness and equal opportunities in sports.  

As a non-profit foundation by civil law, NADA Germany is an independent body. Since January 2020 its funding is based on the institutional funding by the German state.

Today, NADA has become the centre of competence for anti-doping activities in Germany. NADA’s tasks are diverse and cover doping controls, education and prevention, medical and legal advice as well as international cooperation. Thereby, NADA Germany significantly contributes to the preservation of values in sports.

NADA tackles the problem of doping in sports, cooperatively, on the national and international level, and supports all athletes who compete clean. To this end, the initiative „GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING“ was set up www.alles-geben-nichts-nehmen.de . For the future of sport. For sport in Germany. For clean athletes, for transparent success and for honest results.

On these pages, the structure of NADA, the constitution of the foundation and the contacts within NADA are presented.

NADA's constitution can be downloaded in the download-box on the right side. The chart below shows the organisational structure.

Supervisory Board

Executive Board

NADA's Staff