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Goals and Responsibilities

Joining forces in the anti-doping work

  • is an independent institution
  • is exclusively committed to the goal of anti-doping work
  • is financed by the government, sports, and the economy
  • is the German sports community's central compliance institution
  • displays an international profile, so as to improve equal chances for all athletes
  • binds all relevant social forces in the pursuit of the foundation's purpose, who have an interest in preserving the cultural and social role of sport



  • establishing a standardised testing system for Germany
  • issuing therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), and answering medical inquiries
  • education and prevention
  • implementing the Code
  • providing (legal) advice for federations and athletes
  • setting up an independent court of arbitration for sport (since 1 January 2008)
  • international cooperation



  • stands for clean sport
  • guarantees a professional approach
  • makes sure that there are uniform, equal standards applying for all athletes



Contact NADA

National Anti Doping Agency Germany
Heussallee 38
53113 Bonn

Telephone Number
+ 49 (0) 228 812 92 – 0
Fax Number
+ 49 (0) 228 812 92 – 219
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