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NADAmed Medical Database

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- Database in German only - The intention behind the NADAmed medicine database is to provide both athletes and support staff with quick and easily accessible information on the doping-relevance of medication. The database contains a selection of frequently prescribed medications, or those which are frequently inquired about. They are all, without exception, preparations that have been approved or registered in Germany by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). The database does not include any medicine from other countries.

The foundation of this database are the medicines which NADA has received inquiries about and which are frequently prescribed. It currently comprises just under 3,000 medications and active ingredients and is continually expanded. The medicines listed have been chosen on a purely subjective basis. The aim is to primarily cover those preparations, which are in frequent use among athletes.

Here you will find some general information on nutritional supplements, herbal medical products and homeopathic medicines, plus more useful notes on doping traps. During national and international competitions, the applicable rules are those of the international federation concerned in each case. If in doubt, athletes should consult the federation's physician. During a doping test, an athlete should state all the medications he is taking. We would also draw athletes' attention to the fact that prescription-only medicines may be taken only in strict compliance with the instructions given by the physician prescribing them.

The WADA Code's International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ISTUE) permits athletes and their personal physicians to apply for a therapeutic use exemption, which allows them to use otherwise-prohibited active ingredients or methods for treating (chronic) diseases.