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Result Management

Results management referred to Art. 7.1.1 of the NADA-Code means the process of becoming aware of an adverse analytical finding (AAF) or of a possible filing failure or a missed test or of another anti-doping rule violation to the disciplinary proceedings.


With NADA's controls, after receiving an adverse analytical finding the code number of the sample is decoded. NADA checks whether a TUE was present or the sample collection was not done according to the rules (Standard for Testing or the International Standard for Laboratories). If this is not the case,  NADA informs the athlet concerned and the relevant federation. The athlete is thereby informed and invited to comment on the allegations in writing. After considering the comments, the responsible organization for the disciplinary proceedings, whether a disciplinary proceedings is initiated or the proceedings is being terminated. Information about disciplinary proceedings can be found here.

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Whereabouts filing failures or missed test

Whereabouts failures and missed tests (so-called. "Strikes") can be determined for a missed test within the 60-minute test time window individually specified by an athlete (applies only to the RTP) and for filing failures (RTP and NTP), so the incomplete or incorrect indication of the whereabouts. Possible failures are checked by the NADA; they inform about the "strikes". An independent commission can then double-check the procedure on its accuracy if the athlete requests so.

If an athlete is found to have three "strikes" within 12 month, a process is initiated concerning an anti-doping rule violation by the respective sports federation or NADA that can end up with a two years ban, with a possible reduction to one year, depending on the degree of fault. If there are different "strikes" from various organizations (WADA, NADA and to the responsible international federation) "strikes" are added.

Other anti-doping rule violations

As well with other anti-doping rule violations athlete and the responsible sporting body will be informed first. The athlete will also be asked to comment it.  After reviewing the comment, the organization responsible for the results management decides whether disciplinary proceedings will be initiated. For more information, click here.

Factsheet "Ablauf Meldepflicht- und Kontrollversäumnis"

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