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Partner for tests

The international company PWC (Professional Worldwide Controls GmbH, Gilching; http://www.pwc-dopingkontrolle.de carries out in-competition and out-of-competition test for NADA since NADA's establishment. PWC GmbH, headquartered in Munich, is an independent service provider with testing in Germany and abroad.

Global Quality Sports GmbH (GQS) has been working for NADA since 2014. The Dopingkontrolleure of GQS (http://gqs-antidoping.de/) carry out both in-competition and out-of-competition test for the NADA at home and abroad. GQS is an internationally active and independent service provider for the implementation of doping controls in sport based in Stuttgart and a capital office in Berlin.

Furthermore, the international company IDTM  (International Doping Tests & Management AB, Stockholm; http://idtm.se/) carries out in- and out-of-competition controls for NADA. IDTM is an independent service provider, headquartered in Sweden, and has a global network of doping control officers.

From July 2015 doping control officers of the company SMS (Sports Medical Services GmbH, Cologne; http://www.sports-medical-services.de/) are carrying out the doping controls in football for NADA. The around 80 doping control officers of the company SMS are mostly doctors with many years of experience with doping controls in the field of professional football.

The athletes are being selected exclusively by NADA for a doping control, the sample collection and transport to the WADA accredited laboratories in Cologne and Kreischa are carried out by the contractor.