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Most important party for a clean sport are the athletes. Without the cooperation of athletes doping controls are not feasible.

In NADA Germanys testing pool are all German squad athletes. Currently, around 9,000 national athletes are in the testing pool. The athletes who belong to one of four NADA's testing pools may be controled in and out of competition by NADA. German athletes who start internationally are additionally controlled by their International Federation.

With in-competition controls, NADA has the possibility to control all participants. This includes foreign athletes participating in a competition in Germany too.

The following key points provide an overview of the rights and obligations of an athletes during a doping control. An insight into the doping control process can be found in the doping control film. For additional legal notices please see the and the . Minor athletes receive special protection due to their age, having own rights and obligations during the control process. More information can be found in the .

The athlete has...

  • to choose a person of his trust to accompany him during the doping test,
  • for urine sampling, to insist that the test officer is of the same gender (this rule is valid in Germany),
  • as disabled athlete to demand modification after the Standard for Testing and Investigation,
  • to ask the doping control officer to show his identity card,
  • to finish training if arrival of the doping control officer is unannounced, provided the time frame involved is reasonable, 
  • to note down on the doping-control form any reservations the athlete has in regard to how the test was conducted,

  • to undergo the doping test after having been requested to do so (if the athlete refuses or misses out on a test, the requisite codes of conduct specify a standard period of ineligibility of two years),
  • to prove his identity to the doping control officer, 
  • to state on the doping-test form the medicines and nutrional supplements he has taken during the past seven days, 
  • to provide a second sample if the urine density limit values are below the statutatory threshold or if the doping control officer orders a second sample to be taken for other reasons, 

Expiration of urinary control

Number of Testpool Athletes (Status May 2016)

Expiration of blood control