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Medication controls on horses

On behalf of the German Olympic Committee for Equestrian Sports (DOKR) and the German equestrian federation (FN) NADA has been conducting medication controls on horses since 2011. This control system is being supervised and coordinated by a trained in-house veterinarian. All squad horses of the Olympic disciplines are being tested out-of-competition.

FN’s anti-doping & medications controls regulations „Anti-Doping- und Medikamentenkontrollregeln“ (ADMR), which had been compiled reflecting the provisions of the National Anti-Doping Code (NADC), constitute the basis for the sample collections. Its annex IV represents the Standard for the Organisation (BE) of Medication Controls on Horses out-of-competition. Adopted in April 2015 by the FN’s advisory board for sports, this Standard sets out the procedures to be followed at medication controls – from the planning and preparation of controls to the sample taking itself and the results management of analysis findings.

Click here to download the List of prohibited substances and prohibited methods.

Medication controls on horses

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The Standard ’s objective is the meticulous planning of controls and sample taking out-of-competition as well as to maintain the integrity and identity of the samples collected, from the point of notification of the person responsible or delegated to care for the horse to be controlled leading all the way up to the arrival of samples at the lab. To specifically plan riding tournament preparations the horses’ training should be accompanied by medication controls observing exercise physiological criteria.