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The focus of the work of NADA's testing department lies on planning, coordinating and developing  doping controls in German elite sports. To protect clean athletes controls are organized both outside and within the competition (out-of and in-competition tests). An intelligent testing program as well includes the targeted use of different analysis methods which is as well task of NADA's testing division.

All doping tests that are carried out by NADA are carried out according to the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI). Moreover, the testing division ensures the quality of controls and a uniform control system in Germany, by ensuring controls from a single source, NADA, standardized processes, a professionally trained control staff and clearly defined rights and duties.

Anti-Doping Testing Programme

Contact person
Stefan Trinks

+ 49 (0) 228 812 92 – 145
+ 49 (0) 228 812 92 – 249