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How to find your way around the website

Here we explain how the website works.

Welcome to the National Anti Doping Agency Germany Website. 

NADA is the abbreviation for National Anti Doping Agency Germany. 

We explain which information you can find on our website. 
And we show you where you can find the information. 

There are pictures to help you. The pictures have areas with a red box around them. 
This is the area that is being explained to you. 

This is the homepage of the NADA website.

The selection bar gives you quick information. There are different areas. 

  • Media
  • Contact us
  • Data security
  • Accessibility
  • Language selection in either German or English

These areas are linked with other pages. 
If you move your mouse on one of the areas, the color of the word changes from white to gold. 
If you left click the word, you will arrive on the selected page. 

Every website has a logo. A logo is an icon
On the left side you can find the NADA logo. 
You can recognise the NADA website by the logo. 

If you click on the logo, you will return to the homepage. 
No matter which page you are on. 

To the right side of the logo you can find the search box
If you are searching for information, you can left click in the search box "please enter search word" and type a word. 
Now you can click on the magnifying glass symbol. 
Then a new page opens and you get a list with the results to your search. 


There are 7 main areas on the NADA website. 

  • Home
  • NADA
  • Testing
  • Prevention
  • Medicine
  • Legal Matters
  • Service & Info

If you move your mouse on a main area, a drop down box opens. 
In the box you can see the different topics of the main area. 

If you click on the Home main area, you will always return to the homepage. 
No matter which page you are on. 

Main area: NADA

In the main area NADA there is information about NADA. For example: 

  • You get information about NADA.
  • You can read which departments NADA has.
  • You can learn about the goals and tasks of NADA.
  • You can find out which partners NADA has.
  • And much more.

Main area: Testing

In this main area there is information about doping tests
There is information to out-of-competition testing and in-competition testing
You can find out who is at a doping test. 
You can also learn how a doping test works with sport horses

Main area: Prevention

In this main area you can find information about doping prevention
NADA has a prevention programme. The programme is called TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING.
The offer is supposed to help athletes, coaches, parents, and teachers say "no" to doping. 

Main area: Medicine

In the main area medicine athletes can find information about allowed and banned substances and methods
Sick athletes can get help here.  

NADAmed is the database for medicine.  
You can find this database in the the main area Medicine. 
Athletes and doctors can get a lot of information quick there. They can check if a substance is allowed or banned. 

Main area: Legal Matters

The main area Legal Matters has a lot of information about anti-doping regulations and what happens when an athlete is caught doping. 


Main area: Service & Info

In the main area Service & Info you can look at documents and brochures. You can also download them. 
You can also look at the NADA Annual Report
In the Videos section you can watch videos about anti-doping. 
The Knowledge Center explains anti-doping words. 


Under the main areas you can see NADA News.
You can also find current press releases here. 

By clicking on the news a page opens. 
On this page you can find more news. Here you also find all old NADA news. 

Important Subpages

On the right of News are important subpages

  • NADAmed

NADAmed is the database for medicine. 
ADAMS is the database for athletes to register and deregister for doping tests.
SPEAK UP is a way for athletes to speak to NADA without having to say their name. 

There are more important subpages under NADA's vision.

  • The Code
  • The prohibited list
  • COVID-19
  • TUE-Applications
  • Education and Prevention Programmes
  • E-Learning

The NADA Code is a set of rules that athletes have to follow.
The Prohibited List is a list of all forbidden substances and methods.
TUE is an abbreviation for Therapeutic Use Exemption. Sick athletes can get a TUE to use a Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method.
This way also sick athletes can participate in sports competitions. 
Under the Education and Prevention Programme athletes can find information on how to protect themselves from doping
E-Learning means learning electronically. Athletes and people that they know can take courses online and get informed. 

In the golden box you can find information about the initiative "GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING" or in German: "ALLES GEBEN, NICHTS NEHMEN".
NADA uses this slogan to raise awareness for clean sport.  

On the website www.alles-geben-nichts-nehmen.de you can find information about "GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING".


Calendar and Downloads

On the left is the NADA Calendar. Here you can find current NADA events
On the right are the newest files from NADA. You can download these files. 


Bottom of the page

At the bottom of the page you can see all the pages that are on the website. 
You can see an overview of all the topics that are on the website.

All of NADA's partners are listed at the very bottom of the page.

  • Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs (in German: Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau und Heimat)
  • German Olympic Sports Confederation (in German: DOSB)
  • Sports Minister Conference
  • German Sports Aid Foundation (in German: Deutsche Sporthilfe)
  • The city Bonn
  • Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations
  • World Anti-Doping Agency

Social networks are connections on the internet between people from all over the world. 
NADA is also in social networks. 
You can find NADA on the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

You can send messages to NADA on social networks.
You can also also send messages that everyone can see.

If you click on the Facebook symbol on the NADA website, the NADA Facebook page opens. 
You can always see up-to-date news from NADA on the NADA Facebook page. 

If you click on the Twitter symbol on the NADA website, the NADA Twitter page opens. 
You can always see up-to-date news from NADA on the NADA Twitter page. 

If you click on the YouTube symbol on the NADA website, the NADA YouTube page opens. 
You can always see up-to-date videos from NADA on the NADA YouTube page. 

If you click on the Instagram symbol on the NADA website, the NADA Instagram page opens. 
You can always see up-to-date photos from NADA on the NADA Instagram page. 

On the right side of the very bottom of the page there is a link to the NADA-App.
Click on "für iOS" to download the app for your iPhone. 
Click on "für Android" to download the app for your Android device.