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For fair and clean sport

In the field of anti-doping, NADA needs the support of its partners. NADA's partners are the federal government, the states, sports within the DOSB, member federations, Sporthilfe, and the economy. 

Initially, NADA was financed by a stakeholder model, consisting of the sport system, the economy, and the federal government. In 2019, the transition to institutional funding by the federal government was made. This has been in force since January 2020. 

Kivanta and NADA for clean sport

NADA has partnered with Kivanta, the manufacturer from Weilburg for non-toxic food storage. Together, Kivanta and NADA have produced two limited edition BPA-free water bottles made from stainless steel. Every sold water bottle contributes toward NADA anti-doping work. The partnership is based on the leitmotif to stand together for clean sport and a healthy lifestyle. Sustainability, in terms of effort for clean athletes, as well as on the product level, connect NADA and Kivanta. With the two water bottles, NADA and Kivanta are making the guiding principle FOR CLEAN PERFORMANCE accessible to a wider audience. Click here for the bottles. 


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