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NADA regulations for medical certificates

Many anti-doping regulations only apply to athletes of certain high levels and when they are member of a testing pool. However, recreational athletes also have to follow certain rules, if they have to use prohibited substances or methods for medical reasons.

Medical certificates for competitions

Athletes, who are not member of a testing pool or a league that is requiring a TUE, do not have to apply for a TUE proactively. Instead, they have to carry a medical certificate during competitions, issued by their treating medical specialist, and show it at doping controls. Athletes can use the blank form in German (see below) by NADA Germany. The medical certificate must include detailed information about the prohibited substance, the dosage, the route of application and, in case of intravenous injections, the type and the volume of the solution. The beginning and the end of the medical therapy must also be declared and the certificate must not be older than 12 months. NADA Germany reserves the right to check medical certificates at any time and to request further medical documents, if necessary. 

For so-called non-specific substances and non-specific methods of the WADA Prohibited List (for example insulin, testosterone, lisdexamphetamine and blood plasma donations), non-testing-pool athletes need to apply for a TUE retroactively, after they were tested in competition. In these cases, NADA Germany will request the athlete to apply for a TUE. In case of a medical therapy with testosterone, athletes should make sure to check the information below beforehand.

Overview of Specific and Non-Specific Substances and MethodsEnlarge Image
Overview of Specific and Non-Specific Substances and Methods

Caution at international competitions and abroad

The rule for medical certificates described above only applies to national competitions in Germany. Non-testing pool athletes who participate in international competitions or in competitions in other countries should contact their international federation about the applicable rules. 

Further NADA Regulations for National Competitions in Germany

Important Documents

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Template medical certificate

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