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When athletes fall ill

Competing abroad and sick – what needs to be observed?

Quite a number of medicines abroad can have identical trade names like your medicine at home. But, even despite the familiar name, they can contain quite different active ingredients. Some countries, like France for instance, do especially label medicines which contain prohibited substances. If your team doctor or local treating doctor at the competition or the local pharmacists is not able to inform you about the potential doping-status of the medication to be taken, you definitely should switch to a clearly permitted substance. In some countries, (like the US, Canada, GB and Japan, or, Austria, France, Sweden, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and others) the national anti-doping organizations offer online-databases on medicines and their ingredients. In addition, some countries offer this service as apps for mobile phones, too. Look here.

Medication is allowed In case of illness: Check medication! Check the example list of permitted pharmaceuticals 1 2 Check You need to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Medical certificate is required ... ... for NON- specific substances & methods ... for specific substances After a positive test you can apply for a Retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption (Retro-TUE) Medication is prohibited You are registered as test pool athlete You are not registered as test pool athlete

Athlete and illness

Important Documents

Example list of permitted pharmaceuticals 2020

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MediCard 2020

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Fact sheet "Disease and Sport"

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