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You are an athlete who fell sick or ill and do not know which of your pharmaceuticals is unobjectionable according to the anti-doping rules? Or whether you might need a Therapeutic Use Exemption before using your medication? Or you are a team physician or general practitioner treating a competitive athlete and need advice on the correct treatment? You might also be a pharmacist who is approached by a sick athlete seeking competent counsel and information on his or her disease. The following pages provide helpful hints and explain prohibited substances and methods. We tell you when an athlete does need a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for his or her medication and how to successfully apply for a TUE to receive our approval.

Use our online medication database NADAmed to quickly check and easily receive information whether your pharmaceutical is permitted or not. NADAmed contains about 3,000 of the German pharmaceuticals we are most frequently inquired about. You can also use our ‘Example list of permitted pharmaceuticals’ we offer with its overview of doping-free pharmaceuticals sorted according to symptoms and physical complaints and in alphabetical order. 

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